Accepted papers and abstracts will be available through this website.


Accepted full papers will also be published in Springer LNCS proceedings on the following conditions:

  • Authors should address reviewer comments if advised so by the meta-reviewer
  • Authors should upload to CMT a zip file ( with the updated paper (LABELS2017_PaperID.pdf), the source of the camera-ready version and a signed copyright form by July 17th
  • The submission is formatted according to the Springer LNCS guidelines. Except for the maximum number of pages (10 instead of 8) and volume name/editors, the instructions are the same as for the main conference and available here.
  • For the copyright form, please fill in “Large-scale Annotation of Biomedical Data and Expert Label Synthesis (LABELS) – [MICCAI 2017 Satellite Workshop]” as the volume name and “Tal Arbel, M. Jorge Cardoso, Veronika Cheplygina, Diana Mateus, Lena Maier-Hein, Eric Granger, Marc-Andre Carbonneau, Gustavo Carneiro” as the editors.


Please also see this message from Springer:

I would like to refer you to Springer’s LNCS Webpage  where nearly all information relevant to both volume editors and contributing authors regarding the LNCS print/electronic publication process can be found. For your convenience, I am attaching the editors´ guidelines to this email. These are identical to the ones available from the website. If you have any further technical questions going beyond those answered on our website, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Anna Kramer, email , phone +49 6221 487 8706.

We recommend that on the Website of your workshop you explicitly announce publication of the proceedings in LNCS and include the series name Lecture Notes in Computer Science with a link behind the name directly connecting to the LNCS Home Page ( ). You may also include the LNCS logo and/or the Springer logo as available from the LNCS Webpage. We will include the MICCAI 2017 joint Workshop Proceedings among the list of Forthcoming Proceedings ( ) on our server during the next update.

LNCS/LNAI/LNBI is published in full-text electronic version in our digital library SpringerLink; e.g., LNCS XXYY, please see . We therefore need all the electronic files, most importantly the source files, of all parts of the manuscript (including front matter pages) as advised in the instructions. We enter into the source files to smooth out any formatting or capitalization discrepancies and to insert running heads, page numbers and a reference line at the bottom of the first page of every paper. We also require a final pdf of each paper created and checked by the authors. Once data processing has been finished, we shall contact the corresponding authors and ask them to check their papers. Hence, we will need from you, roughly at the time when you send us the files, a list containing all the corresponding authors’ email addresses which we could use for contacting the authors.

As to the timeline, we need some 6 weeks upon receipt of your complete set of electronic files to publish the electronic proceedings in time for the event in Quebec City. If our deadline is met, we would be happy to provide free access for conference participants to the electronic proceedings in SpringerLink (only).

The LNCS financial terms, incl. information about free copies, CD-ROM proceedings, etc. can be found in the pdf-document attached to this email. Also the LNCS Consent to Publish form is attached; this (recently updated version of the) form has to be signed by the authors of each paper, at least by the corresponding author, and collected electronically together with the final version of the paper. It is essential that the authors sign this form and only this form. The difference can be seen in the first paragraph, where “Springer International Publishing” is referred to, rather than “Springer-Verlag GmbH”. Please make sure that the copyright forms have been filled out correctly before sending the files, for example that only authors employed by the EU (as an institution) tick that particular box. I am afraid that some authors seem to think that if they work in a country in the European Union, they have to tick that box, which isn’t true. Equally, the box for US Government employees should only be ticked by US Government employees.

Please note that, as indicated above, we now offer the zero-cost option of giving registered workshop participants and contributing authors temporary free access to the online version of the conference proceedings on SpringerLink by means of a multiple-user token. Access is granted for approximately four weeks, starting a few days before the meeting. Please inform us when you upload the files if you are interested in this option.

The editors will be informed once the online version of their volume(s) has been put online. They will be given a password + user ID which will allow them to access the whole contents of the LNCS/LNAI/LNBI at SpringerLink for a period of two months.